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       Website hosting is just as important as your website. Hosting is the space you rent on a server that is connected to the web. It keeps your website running smoothlyand safely. You have invested a lot of money and time into your website and you’ll want to make sure it is up and running correctly. By working with a reputable source, your website will be safe and secured.

By choosing to host at Spyder Website Design you can expect:


Dependable Uptime

Website uptime is very important.  If your website is down, no one will be able to access it to make purchases, look for information, etc. It will discourage your followers and you will loose brand loyalty. It is always a comfort to know that your hosting service is very dependable.


Regular Backups

Automated backups are done to make sure that your content is always protected. So if anything were to happen, you would be back up and running in no time.



Security is always an issue since websites are on the internet. Making sure that your website is updated is something that will keep your website safer. Applying and updating the right plugins also keeps your website safe.


E Commerce Support

Is your website a bigger site?  Will you be having people purchase items through your website? Even the most complex website will feel secure.


SSL Certification

If you will be having purchases through your website, then an SSL certification for your website might be needed to protect you and your customers.


E-mail address

For every new website you will also get a e-mail address that relates to your website.


Milwaukee Website Hosting – Spyder Website Design