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Responsive and Mobile Websites


 Wondering what all this talk is about responsive and mobile friendly websites? In short it means that businesses should have a website that loads easily and fast on a phone or tablet so the potential customer does not leave.In addition you’ll also want to compete with other milwaukee websites, so being mobile friendly is a good choice. There are different types of website themes, some respond in a certain way on a phone or tablet that make navigating it easy,and then there are some that don’t look any different on your phone than they would on the computer. The ones that don’t look any different are not mobile friendly. To find out if your website is mobile friendly you visit Google’s Mobile Friendly test and enter in your website.

Here is an example of a Milwaukee Website:


A website on your computer:                                                             

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   A mobile responsive website:

                    milwaukee internet, spyder website design, milwaukee website design


If you currently have a wordpress website and want to update it to be mobile friendly, there are different options to acquire this. A lot of it depends on how much updating you want to do as to what options should be taken.if you do not have a website now and looking to have a website built, mobile friendly is the smartest choice. Google actually punishes your website and does not rank it as high unless it is a mobile friendly/responsive website.

Some of the advantages to having a mobile friendly website are:

  • Being able to call right on your phone
  • Looking consistent on all types of platforms
  • User Friendly,  allowing a longer time on your website


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