Milwaukee WordPress Maintenance


Having a WordPress Website and having investing your time and money into it, now needs to be maintained. WordPress does regular updates ,but they don’t update your website. A person must go in and manually update the wordpress website. Making sure your website is maintained correctly reduces your chances of security issues, maintains your website speed and keeps your website’s performance at it’s best.

Milwaukee wordpress updates,Milwaukee WordPress Maintenance

In addition to WordPress updates, there are many other updates that need care while your website is up and running. Sometimes spammers find your website and start posting to it. In addition, spammers may be trying to access your website. Staying on top of these events will keep your website safe and up and running.

In addition to updates and spammers, backups to your website consistently will keep you feeling protected. Back-ups are provided just incase your website is ever compromised.

Maintenance on your website does not mean that your website will be down temporarily for updates. Maintenance is done while your website is up and running.

I provide two maintenance packages, one for smaller and one for larger websites. Milwaukee wordpress maintenance packages start at $25.00 a month.