Get found on the Milwaukee Internet by using Google Analytics


     Ok, so it’s really not called the MIlwaukee Internet, just the internet… but if you want to be found by someone in Milwaukee you might as well call it the Milwaukee Internet. That is not to say you don’t want to be found anywhere else, it just means that your main focus is local. 

      Google Analytics tells you how you are doing, where your audience is coming from and designs reports that you can use to better your business. Google Analytics analyzes your websites actions on the internet so you can make the changes to become more successful. 

Google Analytics connects to your website. You can use it right in your website for a quick look or you can go directly to your account for a more detailed look at how your website is doing. 

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     By using Google Analytics you gain the knowledge that you need to really pinpoint where to put more of an effort. Learn about your customers behavior so you can do more of what they like. Maybe you want to see how many people visit your website from their phone. You definitely want to know what pages your audience are visiting and you want to know how long they are staying on those pages.

      There are many marketing tools available to track how you are doing. I prefer to use Google Analytics as a starting point. Once you really get involved and learn more about your websites measurements you can compare or add additional tools to monitor your marketing efforts. 


Tips and Tools you can Use

Webmaster Guidelines by Google 

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