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Inbound marketing milwaukee, social media milwaukee, Social media marketing is a type of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing brings people in verses  going out and getting people/business. In addition, Inbound marketing has an element of branding and trust that must take place. 

Social media platforms are tools that allow you to attract your audience and then market to them. By marketing to them, you are not only creating ads, you are also entertaining, educating and inspiring your followers so they build trust with you. Today, people want to like and believe in who or what they are giving their money to. 

There are many tasks that take place to create an environment of inbound marketing on your social media platforms. Not only do you have find what your followers like, you also want to stay consistent. By staying consistent, you build trust with your following. Branding is very important as well, as this creates a feeling about your brand or business. The feeling people have when they are thinking about or seeing your business is something that you want to be positive.

When providing social media marketing you can expect that I will :

Curate content that markets to the followers.
• Create content for posts, blogs and cover images
• Monitor each account by liking, commenting and engaging with followers
• Create campaigns including contests, coupons and call of action.
• Create reports to show ROI
• Speak as the company when appropriate, alerts company in a timely fashion about appropriate action of needed
• Stay current on all trends in social media marketing
• Develops and works with company to create a social media strategy


Inbound Marketing Milwaukee techniques are something I work on daily. I research for content, events, activities, and trends that are all happening in the Milwaukee area. I also stay current with social media trends. I can also manage your social media marketing outside the Milwaukee area. 

Don’t forget that as much as social media is great for your branding, building trust and engagement with your followers, it also great for SEO. Using the right words, hashtags and links back to your website make finding your business easier.

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