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marketing milwaukee, Spyder website design, small business milwaukeeAs a freelance web designer and social media manager, I can help small businesses not in just building a website, but in building a website, ranking the website, maintaining and updating the website, and then by leading potential customers to that website.

Small Business owners are all at different places in marketing their business. By breaking up the options available, marketing can be much more affordable.

All the options I provide are listed below. When looking over these choices, you may not know what you need or what you may want. I have put together a worksheet that can guide you into making choices or decisions you need to make so you can design your marketing plan. Print out the worksheet while you are looking through the options. If you decide while looking that you may be interested in any services, get on the waiting list. It’s always first come first serve.Don’t worry if you decide not to use my services, there is no obligation, but say you do decide you want to, you’ll be on the list!


Domain Transfer Service

WordPress is the Platform, what is included?

Google Analytics

Variety Ecommerce Options

What is Mobile Friendly?

Social Media Integration

Business E-mail Address

Logo and Branding Design

Graphic Design

SEO and Local Keywords

Website Hosting

Slideshow Design

Website Maintenance package

Website Updates package

Social Media Management



Website Redesign=