About Spyder Website Design


Tracy Champagne, Tracyleesportfolio, Small business milwaukee, Spyder Website Design     My name is Tracy Champagne and I am a Freelance website designer based in the Milwaukee area. I service the Milwaukee area but am also available for remote work. I decided on the name Spyder Website Design because of it’s easy description. The tagline however “Weaving the way to Success” was not so easy to come up with but I think it is a wonderful phrase that sums up what all Small Business Owners are trying to do.

      I am a mom to 3 children and have two degrees; one in Management and one in Web Design. I have been building WordPress Websites since 2012. Being a Small Business owner myself, I have learned a lot of what it takes to market yourself online and offline. 

      When building a website there are many factors that go into it; your personality, functionality, clean and crisp or soft and smooth, how fast does the website load, how long do your customers stay, where are you ranked on google, do people shop from your website, and so much more.

     You know your business better than I do. By working together we can create your home on the internet. I have created an information sheet to help you in preparing for your journey into having a website built and in the marketing of your small business. You can access and print your copy here.

     After you get the information sheet, fill out the contact form to get on the waiting list and get the worksheet. The earlier you make a contact the higher the priority you will receive. Once I receive the worksheet back I can give you a quote.

     If you decide after that we are not a good fit or you are not ready to build, that is ok, the worst that will happen is that I will have your contact information should you ever change your mind and you’ll be steps closer in deciding on what you want in your website.